Bust-da-Rust! Rust Away/GEL – 2×1 Gallon Case

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Bust-da-Rust! Rust Away/GEL – 2×1 Gallon Case Description

Remove your rust safely and easily with Bust-da-Rust! This water –based, non-toxic biodegradable solution is the latest technology on the market. With Bust-da-Rust!, all rust is removed with minimal effort, and in addition, leaves behind an iron phosphate coating that will act as a primer for any topcoat or paint application. Unlike outdated rust removers that leave behind a zinc phosphate coating that contributes to hazardous heavy metal waste, Bust-da-Rust! is safe, easy to use, and gets the job done fast. Application: Bust-da-Rust! can be rolled, brushed, or sprayed onto rusted surfaces. In addition, items can be completely immersed into our Bust-da-Rust! solution to allow the area to completely soak through without damaging metal. Light rust can be removed within 15 minutes, while heavily oxidized areas may take up to 2-4 hours. Bust-da-Rust! is also available in a gel for angled or vertical surfaces. Common uses for Bust-da-Rust!: · Automobile frames, · interiors/exteriors · Metal doors · Metal roofs · Salt Spreaders · Boat, stock & equipment trailers · Fences · Tools · Equipment · Parts · Farm Equipment

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