CleanBoost® EMT 64oz Engine Metal Treatment

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CleanBoost® EMT 64oz Engine Metal Treatment Description

CleanBoost EMT Engine Metal Treatment is truly a new and unique lubrication chemistry. It provides a vastly superior level of protection without using Chlorinated Paraffin, Chlorinated Olefins, Graphite, Boron, Teflon (PTFE) or solvents. EMT’s unmatched lubrication technology extends oil life and greatly reduces engine, transmission and gearbox component wear. CleanBoost 64 oz. EMT Engine Metal Treatment is the perfect size to add to a small fleet of engines. 64 ounces treats 48 quarts of engine oil or a ratio of 1:24 for most gasoline or diesel engines. You can add this safely to all engines either new or high mileage applications, truck, marine, construction, off-road, motorcycle (not for use in wet clutch systems) and perfect for all small engines.; Works well in all manual transmissions, gear boxes, differentials, (front and rear axles), anywhere where friction can create heat and stress with automatic transmissions, wet clutches and some clutch-pack type limited-slip differentials being the exception due to their physical natures. CleanBoost 8 oz. EMT technology can help with the reduction of ZDDP’s in today’s diesel and HD engine oils. CleanBoost EMT contains stabilizing anti-oxidants and very unique metal deactivators to assure it performs well in all engine and gear applications. Can be used in industrial gear boxes as well as rear differentials and race car reverser units. The oil acts like a delivery truck carrying the CleanBoost EMT to the asperities of the metals and forming a covalent, galvanic bond to the metal allowing a 2 to 4 micron penetration into the metal, creating less friction and heat. CleanBoost EMT is the same product used in manufacturing our popular CleanBoost 70W Racing Oil, CleanBoost 20W50 Racing Oil and our Diesel Duty Engine Oils. It is EMT that allows these oils to perform under very extreme conditions.

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