CRC SP-250 Corrosion Inhibitor, 5 Gallon Pail, Amber

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CRC SP-250 Corrosion Inhibitor, 5 Gallon Pail, Amber Description

CRC SP-250 is a superior short term, dry film corrosion inhibitor that creeps quickly to cover all exposed metal surfaces, drive out moisture and leave a thin protective coating to protect metal against corrosion up to 9 months indoors. SP-250 is an exceptional choice for low corrosive, damp, moist or dusty storage environments. The dry film repels dirt and dust to keep stored parts and equipment clean and will not run or puddle during storage. SP-250 also guards against fingerprint corrosion on soft metals and protects hand tools, cutting tools and metal parts against rust and corrosion. Tools and metal parts treated with SP-250 can be handled or used without removing the film. SP-250 can be applied to electrical contacts and wiring without damaging electrical properties. If necessary, the protective film can be easily removed with petroleum solvents. High flash point. Provides increased user safety. Ready to use. No additional mixing or chemical additives required. Non-emulsifying in water. Causes water to sink to bottom of dip tanks for quick and easy drainage or skimming. Lowers consumption of SP-250 and maintains purity level. Conductive. Will not restrict electrical current flow if used on contacts, connectors and other electrical connections. Fast drying. Allows in-process parts to be handled quickly. Non-staining. Will not discolor paper packaging. Perfect for blister packing metal parts. Dry film. Will not soak or weaken paper packaging. Applications includes machined surfaces, parts in process, power units, electrical boards, cutting tools, blades, welds, aluminum extrusions, h and tools, dies, molds, chains, guns, artillery and packaged goods.

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