Deluxe Microfiber Cloth

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Deluxe Microfiber Cloth Description

Size:11.4′ x 19′ (L) The Deluxe microfiber cloth is the ideal cloth to use on surfaces especially susceptible to scratches. The Blue Wonder Deluxe material is made from a super-fine microfiber. Due to the extremely fine weave of the Deluxe cloth it prevents scratches on any delicate surface as it does not adhere to the larger rough dirt particles. The Deluxe cloth is recommended for: * eyeglasses * camera lenses * video recorder lenses * binoculars * glassware * crystal * computer screens * artwork * fine china * antique or fine furniture * stainless steel * acylic items * and many other delicate applications. The Blue Wonder Deluxe cloth is used in fine kitchens and restaurants for spotless glasses (champagne, wine etc.) and stainless steal pots and pans. Luxury car dealers, antique car and motorbike owners use Bue Wonder Deluxe for the perfect finish with no scratches on chrome or paint. Scratches are never caused by a cloth but by larger dust particles trapped in the cloth. The denser and finer the weave the less chance there is that larger particles will remain in the fabric. This is the hallmark of the Blue Wonder Deluxe cloth. Another outstanding feature of the Deluxe material is the easy removal and the high absorbancy of grease and fat. The Deluxe cloth can be used dry or damp.

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