Detail King DK Eco Wash Concentrate Quart

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Detail King DK Eco Wash Concentrate Quart Description

Size:32 Oz DK Eco Wash Concentrate acts as a lubricant and cleaning agent for use with low pressure wash systems. This waterless car wash concentrate when diluted with water, will act as a lubricant and assist with the removal mild road grime, recent water spots and other environmental deposits found on the vehicle’s painted, plastic and chrome surfaces. Directions: Shake product before using. Mix only one ounce of DK Eco Wash Concentrate per gallon of water that will be used to wash vehicle. For best results use with Detail King DK1505 low pressure sprayer. Once mixed with water, spray a light mist directly onto a 2′ x 2′ section of the surface to be cleaned and wipe dirt away using a large, clean microfiber towel. Use snake-like passes with microfiber towel, flip towel when needed. You can clay the surface right away if you need to. One quart will be enough product to refill your DK1505 between 10-11 times. One gallon will provide up to 21 refills.

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