Detail King Foam Cannon

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Detail King Foam Cannon Description

The Detail King Foam Cannon for pressure washer use is the perfect choice for the professional car detailer or car enthusiast seeking to wash any vehicle using this amazing tool that produces unbelievable amounts of foam. Give your vehicle a “Touch less Wash” while removing dirt and road grime faster than ever before. The Foam Cannon sprays a very thick foam and completely covers the vehicle for the safest car washing experience. The DK Foam Cannon allows you to wash the vehicle without even having to touch the vehicle, reducing the chances of creating holograms and scratches which are caused by rubbing dirt into the painted surfaces. Utilizing the newest most innovative technology of the air injection process, the Detail King Foam Cannon creates thick snowy foam that assists with the removal of grime from the smallest cracks and crevices. The DK Foam Cannon is constructed for commercial use with any pressure washer. The innovative air injection system combines car wash shampoo with air to create a thick heavy spray of foam that clings to your vehicle’s paint like wet winter snow. It’s the perfect way to reduce swirls and maintain a brilliant finish. A beautiful feature about the DK Foam Cannon is that it’s Eco-Friendly! This foam cannon system uses less water than convention foam guns because it utilizes the power of air to create foam so thick you will think it’s snowing out! The DK Foam Cannon is the perfect tool for the professional detailer. It cuts down time and effort associated with manual hand washing to increase production. You also look very professional using this tool to impress your customers and neighbors!

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