Diamond Cut Flywheel 4mm shank 130 deg

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Diamond Cut Flywheel 4mm shank 130 deg Description

Create exquisite, bright, unconventional designs or patterns on gold, silver, brass, aluminum, copper items for decoration. This is a professional tool with a diamond tip when used with a high speed revolving motor, produces super bright cuts on metallic items. Contains finest grade of industrial diamond securely set onto steel body. To be used only with high speed hand pieces of 35000 rpm minimum. Recommended motors – Micromotors with constant 35000 rpm speed or Foredom type Flex shaft motors CC series with # 35 hand piece. >>>>>>>>>This listing is for 130 degree angle (V) diamond with a 4mm shaft. This tool will produce ‘V’ shape cuts only. We also carry other angles like 120, 150, 180 both in 3mm or 4mm shaft. Please view other listings or inquire. Made in USA. >>>>>>>>>IMPORTANT NOTE: a) Quantity:- Only 1 pc will be sent. Image of 3 flywheels shown in the picture are just for illustration.b) Used by:- This is a professional tool. Not recommended for amatuers. We suggest using a carbide flywheel (available on request) before using a diamond flywheel.c) Warranty:- Diamond flywheels are sensitive and delicate tools. Also diamonds, although hard, are brittle and are prone to breakage. Therefore adequate care should be taken while using them, to prevent them from damage, while making them last longer through optimum usage. As such and in accordance with Industry Standards, this tool has NO WARRANTY whatsoever.d) Safety:- Proper eye protection gear is required when using this product.

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