Fiber Pro Special Fabric Cleaner and Deodorizer Gallon

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Fiber Pro Special Fabric Cleaner and Deodorizer Gallon Description

In the past many of you have asked us if we offered a car fabric cleaner that can be used on the new sport cloth fabrics that are found in many of today’s newer automobiles. The problem was that these new materials that the auto manufacturers are using are spotting easily, even when in contact with just plain water. Conventional extractor soaps and interior shampoos were not effectively cleaning the stains and even causing more problems. Many Jeep, Chrysler and Ford products have been known to have these issues. Fibre Pro is a car fabric cleaner that lifts stains out of the fabric using the latest advanced surfactant technology. Surfactants and wetting agents grab the foreign particles and release them from the individual fibers. They are suspended on the surface of the fibers until you wipe them away. Remove food, make-up, water spots, grease, oil, fruit juice, and pet stains from fabric seats and carpet. Surfaces will feel clean and soft, never stiff. Fibre Pro Upholstery Cleaner & Deodorizer will not change the texture or color of the materials when used as directed. Our water-based cleaner relies on technologically advanced cleaning agents that are safe on newer types of automotive fabric and carpet, and safe for you. It contains no harsh irritating chemicals and is VOC compliant. Most importantly, Fibre Pro Fabric Cleaner & Deodorizer really works! Unlike most upholstery cleaners that are soapy and require rinsing, this advanced cleaner will remove the stain without excessive foam or residue. It lifts, suspends, DEODORIZES and wipes clean. This product can also be used on headliners, carpets and trunk linings. Directions: Dry brush or vacuum area to be cleaned. Spray a light mist of Fiber Pro over the soiled surface. Wait a few minutes then wipe or agitate directionally, (not in circles) with a medium duty nylon bristle brush, lint free towel or microfiber towel. Wipe dry with a clean microfiber towel then re vacuum thoroughly.

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Utilizing the service of our own online store, you can find dating Fiber Pro Special Fabric Cleaner and Deodorizer Gallon various styles, types and colors. We have been working with the, producing lighting, durable as well as great items.


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