Glare 37411-glr-014 GLARE? Professional Polish – 128 oz Bottle

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Glare 37411-glr-014 GLARE? Professional Polish – 128 oz Bottle Description

Buyer Beware: We, Magnate, are the only vendor/seller authorized by the Glare Factory to sell all Glare products on Magnate only sells up to date “Glare Plus” formulas. Some other vendors sell the old Glare formula that hasn’t been produced in over 5 years and some vendors even sale counterfeit Glare products. For any questions regarding this previous statement, please feel free to contact GLARE directly at 1 (866) 37-GLARE. GLARE PLUS PROFESSIONAL POLISH will make your vehicle?s paint shine so bright that you will literally need sunglasses to look at it during the day, and it will look luminescent under artificial light at night. This product provides the highest shine available with a three dimensional depth of gloss not achievable with any other product. This is brand new technology in paint appearance and protection. GLARE? PROFESSIONAL POLISH is a non-stick, high gloss, all-weather, temperature- flexible sealant containing a new type of proprietary chemical formulation called Glassplexin?. GLARE? was developed by on- staff chemists who have over 150 years of paint-specific chemical experience combined. GLARE? PROFESSIONAL POLISH represents the very latest in paint appearance and protection technology. It contains no waxes, polymers, or resins because those type of ingredients and chemicals have very low melting points, do not filter out UV rays, and do not hold up to regular washing. GLARE? PROFESSIONAL POLISH will bond to your vehicle?s paint through a covalent chemical bond which is not possible with any other product currently available in the world?s market. All GLARE? products are made in USA and 50 states EPA compliant for VOC’s.

Glare 37411-glr-014 GLARE? Professional Polish – 128 oz Bottle buy

Utilizing the service of our own online store, you can find dating Glare 37411-glr-014 GLARE? Professional Polish – 128 oz Bottle various styles, types and colors. We have been working with the, producing lighting, durable as well as great items.


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