Griots Garage Premium Detailing Kit

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Griots Garage Premium Detailing Kit Description

Griot’s Garage Premium Detailing Kit includes products for washing, drying, prepping, waxing and cleaning wheels & dressing tires to restore your vehicle to excellent condition. Kit Components: 1. Car Wash 16oz. (11102) – Lifts dirt away from your paint and creates a slippery surface so that it glides away without scratching. Car Wash is pH-balanced, rich in lubricants, free of detergents, and safe for all paints and exterior surfaces. 2. Speed Shine 35oz. (11146) – Can be used for a quick 5 minute detailing, or as a lubricating fluid for Paint Cleaning Clay. 3. Paint Cleaning Clay 8oz. (11153) – Leaves behind an ultra-smooth surface that will make your wax adhere better and last longer. Simply spray the paint surface with Speed Shine and rub the clay back and forth until there is no drag. 4. Premium Carnauba Paste Wax 14oz. (11029) – Uses top-grade carnauba blended with the finest ingredients to create a wax that is easy to apply, and produces unmatched shine and protection. 5. Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner 35oz. (11026) – A pH balanced, non-acidic and non-caustic formula. Its thick solution clings to the surface, breaking down and loosening stubborn brake dust and road grime. 6. Long-Lasting Tire Dressing 16oz. (11044) – Specifically developed to last and last even through tough weather conditions. Achieve a nice black, satin finish for a natural rubber look, or apply a second or third coat for a glossy finish. 7. Micro Fiber Wash Mitts Set of 2 (10268) – Hundreds of tightly twisted strands are super-soft and extra-gentle on your paint; while the extra amount of water provides more lubricity across the paint. 8. Micro Fiber Drying Towel (11117) – Picks up more water than 100 percent cotton towels and is perfect for drying off the vehicle after a wash.

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