Maximum Gloss Tire Coating Tire Crystal 240g by SENSHA

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Maximum Gloss Tire Coating Tire Crystal 240g by SENSHA Description

■ Content1 x Tire Crystal 240 grams1 x Sponge For Tire CrystalManual x1■ Features & BenefitsTire Crystal is developed specifically for rubber and tires.SENSHA made a drastic revision of ingredients for tire coating, develop a new way tire coating.The FeaturesGloss: With ultra high density special silicon resin, provides great finishing & restores back to shiny black color.Durability: the coating will last approximately 60 to 90 days.Safety: solid material so that will not cause to scatter.It does not contain surfactants that can damage tires.■ PRODUCT ADVANTAGEIt’s different with other tire waxIt contains ultra high density special silicon resinThere is no antioxidants.Creates tough and elastic coating film with ultra high density special silicon resin to endure harsh environments around tires. The coating film also gives luster & water repellent, oil repellent and anti fouling performance.Tire Crystal is solid, will not cause scattering that cause stains on the car body.ATTENTION!Please do not use Tire Crystal excessively, small amount is enough to create nice gloss.Recommended to apply efficiently, use small amount rub on the visible area of tire. ■ Tips Most of tire waxes contain large amount of surfactants to enhance a cleaning power.This will melt antioxidants in rubbers and creates another chemical compound, which has a high infiltration. Therefore, when those high surfactants on tire waxes are applied this compound will be spread around a car body & left stains on the surfaces unrecoverable.This incident happens likely on re-use tire. Occurred even to a new condition.Many car dealers and shops are experiencing this case.SENSHA TIRE WAXOur tire wax series (Aqueous Tire Wax / Oleaginous Tire Wax / Oleaginous Professional Tire Wax) do not contain surfactants at all, and efficient. It’s safe, excessive amount usage is not necessary.

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