Noxudol 750 – Cavity Wax – 1 Liter

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Noxudol 750 – Cavity Wax – 1 Liter Description

NOXUDOL 750 is a chemically active anti-corrosive compound with low surface tension, based on mineral oil, waxes, rust inhibitors and solvents. After drying, it forms a waxy, moisture repellent surface. Because of the low surface tension, it possesses good penetrating ability as well as the displacement of any moisture that may be present. Noxudol 750 is intended for treatment of the hollow spaces of motor vehicles. However, it can also be used for the protection of iron and steel plates, beams, reserve parts, wire, etc. Noxudol offers a supreme line of undercoating products manufactured to provide the ultimate rust protection under the most extreme climates. The quality and performance of our products has gained the recognition and approval of car manufacturers around the globe. In recent years Noxudol has become the aftermarket undercoating sensation in Europe and Japan. For more information go to

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