Poorboys World PB-NPBLK08 Nattys Carnauba Paste Wax, Black

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Poorboys World PB-NPBLK08 Nattys Carnauba Paste Wax, Black Description

Poorboys World Nattys Paste Wax Black. FOR MARCH 2016. The hotly-anticipated release of the new nattys paste wax, now available for delivery. The latest member of nattys paste wax family is now the black version, providing a higher concentration of carnauba wax than previous nattys waxes, as well as offering superior shine, depth and paintwork protection. Natty’s Black is a special blend of 100% Brazilian Carnauba Wax and UV Absorbers. Natty’s Black is great for all dark colour finishes and is truly exceptional on black paint. The appearance you’ll get with Natty’s Black is dripping wet, highly reflective and it produces the deepest shine that we have ever seen on dark colours. Designed for vehicles with Dark finishes. Features: Easy on, easy off formula. High carnauba wax concentration. Extreme water beading properties. Use in the sun or shade. Long lasting protection with patented UV light absorbers. Superior shine, protection and depth for vehicles with dark finishes. Directions for use: Nattys Paste Wax Black is so easy to use. First make sure your finish is clean an properly prepped. Apply with a slightly damp foam or microfibre applicator by hand or machine polisher, apply the wax in thin even layers using a back and forth pattern. Apply to sections or entire vehicle, allow to dry to a haze and then wipe of using a microfibre cloth. Wait for the rain and watch the amazing beading properties in action.

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