ShineSeal Master Kit (Covers 80 sq ft)

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ShineSeal Master Kit (Covers 80 sq ft) Description

Shineseal™ is a proprietary blend of several chemicals resulting in a chemical sealant. Shineseal™ is not a polish, cleaner or wax. Shineseal™ protects against OXIDATION AND DULLING of the metal BUT does NOT change the metals appearance. How does it work? When Shineseal™ is applied, it impregnates into the pores of the metal and a chemical bonding takes place. Shineseal™ becomes one with the metal and seals off the breathing process which is the cause of OXIDATION AND DETERIORATION of the metal. Shineseal™ is used on ALUMINUM, STAINLESS STEEL, BRASS, COPPER AND CHROME. Does Shineseal ™ change the products appearance? NO – since a chemical bond takes place, the product retains its original appearance, unlike Coatings, which do alter the appearance. This is why it is very desirable to use on Billet Aluminum Wheels, Automotive Accessory products on the engine, interior and chassis, Marine and Aerospace Parts, Restaurant Equipment, Motorhomes, Outdoor Furniture and Barbecues, Camping and Boating Equipment – ANYWHERE protection is needed on Aluminum, Brass, Copper, stainless steel, and even chromed parts. What about water spotting? Application of Shineseal ™ results in a super slick surface which sheds water instantly – very little wiping is needed so water does not get a chance to stand on the surface and water spot. MAGNIFICENT SEVEN BENEFITS OF SHINESEAL™ BILLET ALUMINUM SEALER Protects against oxidation and dulling Eliminates repeat polishing for up to 2 years. Retains the rich brilliance of polished aluminum. Safe to use and is environmentally friendly. Bonds chemically to your products. DOES NOT chip, crack or peel. Easy to apply and withstands 700 degrees F Temperature

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