SONAX ProfiLine Abrasive Glass

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SONAX ProfiLine Abrasive Glass Description

Glass polish for removing slight scratches, dull and eroded spots from vehicle windscreens and side windows, made from real glass. Chemical-mechanical polishing. Directions for Use: Use of a polishing machine with regulating rotational speed is obligatory, a felt or solid polishing pad may be used as polish carrier. First clean the glass surface well. Slightly moisten the polishing pad with water. Apply a small amount of the product. At a low rotational speed, polish evenly over the windscreen, exerting moderate pressure. Work in overlapping movements without tilting. As soon as the polishing starts running dry, immediately spray on a little water. This cools the worked on surface, liquefies the polish again and enables an efficient chemical-mechanical polishing. The working time for a windscreen can take between 15 minutes. and an hour. In the mean time wipe over with a clean cloth and check the polishing effect. Afterwards, thoroughly clean the windscreen and surrounding area with Clear Glass and a soft cloth. Please Note: Do not work in direct sunlight or on a hot windscreen. Polishing a windscreen is a demanding and costly process. For windscreens with deep scratches it may be more sensible to replace the windscreen. Windscreens with stone chips are fundamentally not to be polished. Never work for too long on one place, or apply too much pressure. Windscreens are subject to tension and can break. Protect against extreme cold. Safety data: Change soaked clothing Ensure supply of fresh air. In case of contact with the skin, wash with soap and water and rinse thoroughly. In case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with water. Do not induce vomiting. Refer for medical treatment.

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