Wet Sand 2000 Kit

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Wet Sand 2000 Kit Description

LANGKA WS2000 Repair System removes light (when you can not ‘catch’ your fingernail) scratches, scuffs and small marks quickly and effectively from ALL paint finishes. Used by professionals for over 40 years, this proven repair process is now available to owners of cars, motorcycles, bicycle, motor-homes and boats.Unattractive scratches in the paintwork are unavoidable over time. but can be removed quickly and reliably from all painted finishes (including metallic colors). The WS2000 Repair System is unlike any other scratch removal product on the marketClearcoat scratches (when unable to hold touch up paint) are the most difficult blemishes to hide, let alone, eliminate. Not any more with the WS2000 Repair Systems. Kit contains: special sandpaper, StepA and StepB products. Typical time (from start to finish) for this repair process is less than 5 minutes. WS2000 Repair Systems is for professional use and for the serious auto enthusiast. For for removing LIGHT clearcoat scratches. Simply follow our two step directions.Step 1: Apply LANGKA Step A to the scratched area and, applying pressure and a circular motion, use a clean cotton cloth to polish the area for about 1-2 minutes. Buff lightly to shine.IF the scratch remains, then you may need to wetsand the scratch with the enclosed special sandpaper (2000grit) then repeat step one to remove the wetsand scratchs.Step 2: Use LANGKA Step B to seal the repaired area. Apply, let air dry, then buff off any residue.NOTE: if you sand too long in one spot on your vehicle, you may sand through the clearcoat. Manufacturer does NOT warranty this from not occurring. It can occur. Use of this product implies accepting this condition. We therefore recommend trying this process in an inconspicuous area to get a feel for it. Included: WS2000 Step A 2oz, WS2000 Step B 2oz, WS2000 paper 2x 4’x4′, Cloth, directions, Clam shell for storage.

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