Wheel Woolies Kit

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Wheel Woolies Kit Description

The perfect brushes for cleaning the insides of your wheels, tailpipes, grill, and more. And because the brush contains no metal parts, it won’t causing any damage. The soft synthetic wool microfiber head is perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces. The handle is made of high quality plastic and has a slight flex for getting in those hard to reach places.Large Wheel Woolie – 19′ handle with 3′ diameter synthetic wool head. Perfect for reaching into deep wheel drums, wheel wells, and tailpipes.Medium Wheel Woolie – 12′ Handle with 2′ diameter synthetic wool head. Works great for door jambs, engine compartments, and in between spokes.Small Wheel Woolie – 8′ Handle with 1′ diameter synthetic wool head. Ideal for narrow spoke wheels, grills and other small gaps.Comes with wheel sample pack, includes: Premium Wheel Cleanser, Intensive Brake Dust Remover, and Wheel Seal.

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